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MEDIATION – Basic information can be obtained by telephone at (713) 523-3900.  For a detailed discussion of the dispute and what methods best fit the circumstances a brief conference can be arranged between David T. López and responsible counsel.  Fees for pre-mediation preparation, a one-day virtual or personal mediation and reasonable post-mediation follow-up generally are $2,250  per party for an anticipated one-day mediation.  They are set in consideration of all pertinent circumstances, including time, site, number of parties, nature and complexity of the issues.  If travel is required beyond the Houston area, actual costs incurred are additional.

ARBITRATION – Procedures of an arbitration are subject to the pertinent clause of the parties’ agreement and any applicable rules of an administering institution.  A discussion on such procedures and discussion of any questions or suggestions by counsel can be arranged by calling (713) 523-3900.  No fees are charged for reasonable time of an interview by counsel for the parties on the experience and practices of the arbitrator.  Fees are $500 an hour for arbitration services.  It is at all times the intent of David T. López to conduct the arbitration in accordance with the goal of saving time and expense.

CONSULTATION – David T. López is available for services not directly related to mediation and arbitration for parties that seek advice and potential representation on avoidance of disputes, evaluation of potential legal claims, and negotiations, particularly in matters pertaining to public and higher education, freedom of expression and other civil rights, and international employment and commerce.  A virtual consultation can be scheduled by calling (713) 523-3900.

LANGUAGE – David T. López has superior reading and oral fluency in Spanish and intermediate reading ability in French and Portuguese.

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